Wine Knots

thumb_antarPennsylvania sculptor, Robin Antar, introduces “Wine Knots.”

These eclectic sculptures are designed with two holes to hold wine, but also serve works of art on its own. Functional and elegant, the wine knot could be a table center piece or inspire conversation as a stand alone piece.

The one-of-a-kind wine knots are hand-carved and whittled from a single piece of stone. With its curvaceous slopes, it becomes a splendid piece for showcasing prized wine. By taking a closer look, the resin reveals black and golden hues as the light casts onto the curves and through the wine’s bottle.

Whether gracefully placed in the kitchen as a utilitarian piece of art or boldly sitting as the center piece to a room, the creative wine knots are the perfect artistic addition to your home.

Ranging from $600-$1200, the wine knots are made in white and blue.

Antar’s work has appeared in galleries worldwide, including Sotheby’s New York. She is also the recipient of the Gold medal of honor by the Allied Artist of America in Sculpture.

More of her pieces can be seen on her webpage.