Liebherr’s Cigar Humidor

humidorAfter conquering the construction equipment industry and innovating refrigeration products, the Liebherr company certainly means business.

But it is their recent focus on cigar humidors that makes Liebherr such a diverse company.

Their 17’’ Freestanding Cigar Humidor is the perfect accent to any cigar aficionado’s smoke room. Integrating its classic stainless steel design with functionability, it is designed with 2 interior shelves crafted from rich Spanish cedar wood.

The insulated glass door provides UV protection while the internal temperature is maintained at 61-68 degrees. The humidity, which can be controlled by a removable container for distilled water, never exceeds 75%. All numbers are digitally lit on display for the owner to maintain on the outside of the humidor, which allows the ideal climactic settings for cigars to mature properly.

The Liebherr Freestanding Cigar Humidor starts at $2,599.