Chateau Le Brun

Chateau Le Brun (7)Undulating and caressing the landscape across the Sologne Village, Chateau Le Brun marries its 52 acres next to the picturesque Loire River, inviting guests to abide in a historical quadron of elegance.

Chancellor Seguier, The Minister of Finance for Louis XIII and XIV, was the original owner of the palace, and actually used it as a hunting lodge, circa 1600’s.

Upon arriving the first thing you’ll notice are the sweeping grounds, the acreage is well-maintained and I found myself in a “Gladiator”esque moment, wandering through the woods with my hands gently brushing against the foliage…”Go to them”, she says.

Also, if you’re into fishing, there’s a large lake on the grounds.Chateau Le Brun (17)

As you walk into the estate, there are several eclectic paintings, vibrant and quirky, just like the owner, who’s an artist, and all around rock star. I had the chance to sit down with her for a round of exchanged pleasantries, as my broken French only allowed for a few moments before I was thrown to the language wolves.

The space is very open, with a plethora of windows, catching the cresting sunlight through each pane, and providing a magical platform for entertaining, painting, or simply rolling around on the floor in utter disbelief.

Chateau Le Brun (15)Exposed wood beams, ornate lighting fixtures, and furniture pieces truly lend to the historical significance of the estate, and make it one of the more interesting places I’ve laid my head, as kings once did in spaces before me, I can walk through the same halls. It’s eerily fantastic.

A well-equipped upstairs play area floats above the rafters, if you’ve got little rugrats that need to be entertained.

But don’t feel that you have to stay inside of the castle walls while on your visit, just a couple of minutes down the road is the village of Brinon-sur-Sauldre, which has a multitude of shops and places to get your French cuisine on.

There’s also a local butcher that caters and delivers full on meals, and only for a couple of euros.brinon-sur-sauldre

Overall the experience is luxurious but not ostentatious. The historical ramifications and streaming natural settings really make this an inviting and somewhat educational jaunt. If you’re here, it’s meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Kick back at the pool, stroll the grounds, and visit the sites.

It’s quaint quality with an understated elegance and old-world charm.