11th Annual ART Santa Fe

This July will mark the 11th year for the annually anticipated ART Santa Fe event and fair.

Displaying international contemporary art from around the world and from Santa Fe’s well established art community, the event is slated to take place July 7-10th.

Santa Fe is the second largest art market in the U.S and ART Santa Fe will be held in the heart of downtown at the newly renovated Convention Center.

The Convention Center’s facility is capable of displaying various pieces in its 72,000 square foot venue. And to emphasize on the recognizable Santa Fe charm, art work will also be displayed in several courtyards and plazas in the venue.

This glamorous event is the perfect evening for serious collectors or even curious-lookers. It will be a classy event for anyone looking to explore what makes Santa Fe’s art scene so unique. It will be more than an event—it will be an experience.

Available for emerging artists and dealers, avant-garde art installations, and for pieces from world-wide galleries, it will be a classic mix of arts and culture for visitors and dealers alike.